1) Interested parties over the age of 21 may apply to work as actors for WCW-Gallery by sending
a statement e-mail explaining their interest in the project (to: postmaster@wcw-gallery.com). Applicants must include contact information, including e-mail and phone number. These communications will be used as documentation of the project
online and printed on catalogues, exhibitions, etc. with all sender identification removed, to obscure the identity of applicants.

2) A WCW-Gallery representative will contact selected applicants for a phone interview.
She or he will offer details and answer questions regarding the project.

3) The WCW-Gallery will select an applicant and alternates and offer the legal agreement to the chosen candidate.
The selected participant must agree to its terms by reading and signing the contract.

4) The selected participant must agree to a short video interview at JAN VAN EYCK ACADEMIE, Academieplein 1
6211 KM Maastricht
on November 8th 2012. This video will be part of the published documentation.

5) 50% of the agreed fee will be paid in advance of a performance job.

6) The selected participant will perform during irregular occuring events and situations.
A script will be provided in time, to make rehearsal possible.

7) After succesful and satisfactory completition of the acting according to each script, the selected participant
will receive the rest of the payment, after an invoice has been signed and sent to us.

All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. You will be asked to verify your age with a valid state-issued identification card.

Copyright 2011 WCW-Gallery

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