Actresses and Actors Needed for a Performance Art Project.

An opening reception at a gallery. The walls of the space are neatly painted white. A table with crystalline glass objects standing in
the middle of the room, a work of Michaela Melián. Rays of light are spread in various directions, when the glaring light of a projector passes through the
refracting glass surfaces. People standing around the spectacle.
A young man who is standing next to another one asks: "Do you know if this a commercial gallery or not?" The respondent tries to
tell him all he knows and answers that this not a commercial space. "But if I want to buy this, I am sure
they're going to sell it to me." The young man inquires again. "Yeah, you might be right. But they are not going to art fairs or anything.
Neither are they doing artists supervision." The young blond man, wearing beige cord pants, insists on his point: "Ok, but just look
at this white-cube design. I mean, that's totally gallery!" The other guest answers relaxed:"I believe that's exactly the fake;
it is just supposed to look as if... I believe some of those young men are just students."
A young woman who heard the conversation joins in: "Aha, all guys - no woman! That was obvious."
"That's not the issue here." Says the young blonde. The woman stops shortly. She is about the same size as the man and
she is wearing an Addidas Jacket. She raises her voice: "And then that's supposed to serve the public good, am I right?
Somehow they have to pay for it. It is sure they will expect some kind of use out of that."
"I think they are getting money from the culture department." The young man tries to legitimate the project as the people around
the table begin to take notice of the argument. But she is not happy with his excuse and asks him: "Do you believe just one person
from Wilhelmsburg came here?" Wilhemsburg is the district of Hamburg where the whole setting is situated. It is a place comparable
to Williamsburg in New York - maybe 20 years ago. "Well, let us talk about something different now."
"So I understand you are enjoying everything here, right?"
He is leaning with one hand against the wall now. "Yes, I am enjoying my time here! What about you? You are not commercial or what?
The woman answers him straight into the face: "Of course I am! I am paid by them to act here the way I do. That's why I am commercial.
The same about you!"
The young man's voice slides out of tune when he responds vigorously: "It's not true! They are paid by the culture department and
I am paid by them! So in fact I am paid by the culture department!"
The two throw things like confetti on each other, but the blond man's cell phone rings and he answers "Wait a second!
It is crazy loud in here." He exits the place without taking any further notice of the woman or the other people.
"This is not a commercial gallery." she says meekly to the surrounding audience and leaves.

The WCW-Gallery, based in Hamburg/Germany, is an an internationally active art collective.
It is located in a project space with a focus on conceptual and minimalistic works.
The collective considers the space itself as a sculpture in public space by which they discuss
the format of a White Cube Gallery. Among other things, the group stages the typical character
of an art gallery during the exhibition business.
WCW employs actors for interventions at gallery receptions or in public space.
The fees are subject to negotiation.

- The performances will be documented and exhibited in exhibitions, catalogues and potentially in other subsequent art-related contexts.

- The performance will be done at a level of anonymity agreed upon by the selected Participant and the Organizers of the project.

- All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. You will be asked to verify your age with a valid state-issued identification card.

- Applicants should have experience with acting.

If you meet these qualifications, please have a look at our "PHILOSOPHY" section in the menu bar above
and write an email to: postmaster@wcw-gallery.com or call: +49 175 24 31 903

Thank you.
The WCW-Gallery Team

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