Than Clark
"Vengeance...Oh Libya!"

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10. April bis 30. April 2014.
Eröffnung: 10. April, 19 Uhr

Zweiter Teil: 03., 04., 05. Juli 2014

Cecelia: Sir! Wake up! Sir! Sir! You are sleeping underneath the oldest lemon tree in the entire estate. Sir! This is strictly forbidden by the order of my fathers father and is written in stone in the city hall of Lampadusa. Sir! Sir! You must wake up. If the guards pass you, you will be arrested. Sir?

He is very beautiful. And very dark. Is he in uniform? He must have been asleep in the sun for ages. Very Dark. And Serene. And very handsome. Elegant.

The Guards will pass...

Sir, Sir, Sir, Sir!!! Sir! YOU MUST WAKE UP...
He is cold. Dark and Cold. Like a fish.