Vernissage: October 25th, 19h
After our renovation works had been finished, WCW Gallery starts into a new exhibition season with a show by Carola Wagenplast (J. Schmith).
In her installation, in which she includes works by Marcel Mieth (FMSW) and DJ Phono (Deichkind), she askes about the staging of power, which expresses itself throughout symbols of opulence and decadence in architecture, material and habitus. This pompous stetting, only a few people are able to use, is at the same time a senseless enherence to old orders. On the other hand Wagenplast shows artpieces which broach the issue to be lost as an individum inside the structures of standing and social class. Marcel Mieth used an old stamping machine, which was used in factories in former times, in order to document his own daily routine.
Over a period of several months he used the machine before he went to bed and after he got up in the morning. His work is a wonderfully light piece of art contented with narrativ power, which reminds with its formal trace only at the first glance of Hanne Darboven. The interactions of the artworks make up a mirror of our society and the position of each individual person inside it.