Big Daddy Mugglestone, born to a bible-bred family in the west of the new world, has been a philip (horse lover) ever since his father taking him to the horse track every Saturday at a young age. He developed a taste for bad whiskey and fast horses that slowly drew him into juniors competitions starting at the age of 15. Condemned by his colleagues for his unorthodox equestrian methodologies, Mugglestone continues to stun audiences and the traditions of the sport with stunts and jumps that no horse and man have ever accomplished. His most recent feat, 'jump over the candlestick', named for the line in the children's fable, involves him jumping over a 3 meter wide by 2.5 meter high flame. When he performed it at the famed Glastonbury festival last spring the fear and awe of the audience was palpable. In his spare time he works in his banana tree arboretum and kills cats that wander through the back door.