Christian Rothmaler & Florian Mahro - "OKOOKOKO POLYGON"
The human being, his behaviour, his perceptive and his feelings are decidedly influenced by spaces and rooms. Rooms, more then any other material good, have the ability to communicate. Their communcation can be provocant, edifying, intimidating, neutral, but it could never be without one. If a room is able to communicate with his environment, then it is a highly demanding aim by an artist to react on this communication.
For Christian Rothmaler and Florian Mahro rooms are the starting point to their artistic reflexion. They see their duty in the clarification of rooms and in this process the borders between the generic terms disapear, a kind of hybrid appears, and the intersection between architectures and sculpture is becoming unclear. Thus poetic metastructure is built up, which aims to a new perceptive on the spectator. This creation of new visions of the room is (in another step) the starting point to create a picture of this utopia.

Exhibition: May, 18th - June, 15th 2008
Vernissage: May, 17th; 19h