Texts on WCW-Gallery and exhibitions

In der Referenzhölle ("Zeit Online", January, 28th - 2009/Textem) (german)

"black box" Hamburger Kunst ("NDR-Online", November, 27th - 2008) (german)

Wilhelmsburg lockt mit Hafenromantik Kreative an ("Die Welt", August, 16th - 2008)

Michel Chevalier on gentrification in Hamburg ("taz", October 22nd 2010) (german)

Review: Andrea Winkler - "The Dudess Wantaway" ("taz", March, 14th 2009) (german)



Texts by WCW-Gallery

The WCW-Gallery as a work of art in public space


Texts by other artists

Leaflet for "Moroccan Mint Tea" by Tobias Kaspar