Künstelrgruppe Im Namen des Volkes - "West Side Story"
„West Side Story” is an exhibition by Julia Wilton, Jan Müller and Rasmus Engler. The three debut as (visual) artists at the WCW Gallery, laid in the contemplative Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg. “West Side Story” is less to be seen linked with that innovative musical than much more with the times in Germany before the Iron Curtain fell – the grey eighties in the federal republic of Germany, when the neo-Germanic delusions of grandeur yet only festered in grey small towns and cities but could not come to an outburst; It were the times when “Mp3” and “Online-Chat” did not even exist as vocab and car journeys to West-Berlin lead to interesting encounters with appointees of the German democratic republic.
By the slightly outmoded cadences of their work, with their feigned naivety and the simulated arbitrariness of some works Milton, Müller and Engler refer to a culture that was bound to develop into a totally generic conglomerate made up of foolishness, blathering and, above all, an awkward disposition to take oneself way too seriously. The “Künstelgruppe im Namen des Volkes” avouches for a different version of art and curriculum vitae, to silt up cheerfully and with a grand gesture.

Vernissage on April, 12th 2008 - 7 PM

Show: April, 12th - May, 3rd

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