Gallery inauguration - March, 8th 2008
Like manifested in the flesh, pictures in the mediaeval times showed the presence of saints. Paintings were permanently fixed in a specially dedicated space.
As the portability of pictures increased, the sacred space also became subject to change: it simply became attached to the painting.
The shift continued on the premises of the burgeoisie and as a result magnificent surrounds were disappearing more and more from the pictures.
After all, modern paintings are presented mostly unframed in museums and galleries that look like white cubes. The spaces and buildings are the new frames now.
They adopted the function of sacred space. Ladies and gentlemen,
on the 8th of March, 2008 the WCW-Gallery in Hamburg will celebrate its inauguration. After a construction period of approximately one year we will open the showroom in Mokrystrasse 5 to the public.
For this purpose we would like to cordially invite You. It would be a pleasure for us to welcome You and Your friends in our gallery.
The festivities start at 7 pm.

For videos from the preparation works please click here.
For photographs from the opening festivities please click here.