“Digital Black and White Photography”

Vernissage: Saturday - May, 16th 2009 - 19h

“A” is sitting at a spick shiny table with a light blue monochrome screen
behind him. He is wearing a jacket and a tie. In front of him on the table
are a paper bag and a bottle of ketchup.
He reaches into the bag (loudly rustling). “A” looks into the bag and he
pulls out some paper tissues. He extracts a paper box from the bag, puts it
in front of him on the table and puts the paper bag aside.
City noises from the invisible outdoor are noticeable. “A” moves casually,
not taking any notice of the camera. “A” takes a burger out of the box; the
burger is wrapped into paper. He puts it on the table and unwraps it. “A”
removes the upper half of the burger, at the same time he is reaching for
the ketchup bottle. He shakes the bottle rhythmically a few times until
ketchup comes out of the bottle. “A” smiles.
“A” (addressing the bottle): “Listen. Come out.”
“A” closes the two halves of the burger again and dips it into the ketchup.
(In that moment a short high-pitched sound occurs. [Here one is reminded of
TV-advertisements; a small star visualizes a bright set of teeth; in the
present case by sound (bling = refinement): it is ketchup advertising.])
“A” takes a bite from the burger and closes the bottle. Leaning with his
elbows on the table, “A” is chewing while his empty look passes off the
After every bite he repeatedly watches the objects in front of him with a
dull expression. He mops his face, touches the objects on the table
hesitantly, interrupting each of his actions again. Without finishing the
burger completely “A” puts it back into the paper bag. After he mops his
face for the last time, the tissue disappears in the bag too. “A” screws the
bag and pushes it away together with the ketchup bottle. He folds his hands,
smacks his lips and looks constantly (“The way he looked!”) apathetically in
direction of the camera.
The view on the spectrum that is reduced visually and in the respect of its
order of actions, obvious by contrasting with the noises from an absent
outside, can lead to a satisfying sensation of the dateless void and
insignificance. At the same time it calls upon the spectator to crate a
supplementary fill for the offered surface whose newly gained significance
can be recycled later on (Re-Entry). As the image (icon) has deictic roots,
it is similar with language (apo-deixis) and it implies the presence of
facts that had to arise, if they will have been said.
A: “Aaahm...“
(Close-Up of the face)
A: “ name is Andy Warhol and, aah, I just finished eating, aah, a

Valerie Knoll
Hannes Loichinger

Exhibition: May 16th – June 14th, 2009