WCW-GALLERY "From a Distance"
September, 19th 2009 19h
September, 20th untill October, 17th 2009.

For photgraphs and videos from the exhibitions please click here.

I'm looking for my room
my little tiny room
but my room is not here!


The room is not gone, it is still there and it will not pay for itself at a different place.
This time without basement, without garden, without Polski Piwo Bar (Grube) Cadillac (Fifi) 28 Jahre Kultur Verein.

FROM A DISTANCE  is the title of a new series by WCW-Gallery.
The Gallery will leave its space in Hamburg for three events and will present the exhibitions from the preceding year in three different places.

Anna Möller, Carola Wagenplast, Tobias Kaspar, Thomas Baldischwyler, Andrea Winkler, Christan Rothmaler, Oliver Bulas, Martin Malte Blumenthal, KiNdV, Charlotte Arnhold, Florian Mahro, Björn Beneditz, Jan- Peter Heusermann, Roman Schramm, Loretta Fahrenholz, Hans-Christian Lotz, Christian Naujoks, Henning Besser, Jonathan Monk, Eiko Weishaupt

September, 19th - 2009
Duration of exhibition from
September, 20th until October, 8th - 2009
Opening: September, 19th, 19.00h- 0.00h
Mokrystrasse 5, Hamburg
Exhibition is accessible 24 hours a day.

September, 26th - 2009 / 16.00h - 20.00h
WCW-Gallery and Niklas Schechinger Fine Art
present works 2008 - 2009
Karl-Liebknecht Strasse 9, Berlin

October, 4th - 2009 / 13.00h - 18.00h
Meeting point: Musikmuschel Travemünde
Am Brügmanngarten
joint departure: 10:11h
from Hamburg central station (Haupbahnhof)

October, 17th - 2009 / 16.00h - 0.00h
Crowne Plaza London-Shoreditch
100 Shoreditch High St - E1 6JQ London
Room: Mr. Beneditz