Opening: May, 15th 2010 - 19h

Jennifer Bennett
"Rückgriff auf die neue Sachlichkeit"
("Recourse to the Neue Sachlichkeit")

In her sculptures, installations, paintings and overpaintings, Jennifer Bennett discusses urban space and its organisation.
The boundaries between everyday life and exhibition situation appear blurred. Daily life experiences; their material, patterns and general rhythm are merged with institutionalised exhibit experiences. Thus the glossy, repellent surfaces and reduced shapes of her sculptures fascinate the spectator by their crystalline structure, which is potentially to be seen as an allegory for order and organisation. At the same time this structure shows similarities to modern urban environments.
However, the idea that Bennett could move up these aesthetics in plain contrast against a certain "nativeness" is not to remain un-ruptured or undisturbed. The objects raise the question to what extend a term of nature could possibly already be a c! onstruction. By doing so, the whole dichotomy of "nature vs. culture" is put into question.


The exhibition will take place between May, 17th and June, 6th