THOMAS BALDISCHWYLER "Nach der Arbeit" ("After work is done")
Vernissage: December, 6th - 2008, 19h
The WCW Gallery proudly presents Thomas Baldischwyler, whose work embodies one of the most important approaches to contemporary Concept Art.
His work is not constricted to one medium. As a result one can find paintings and sculptures, photography and collages, film and installation within his oeuvre.
Besides, he publishes music, works as DJ and designs booklets.
In the field of painting we point out his work on glass paintings (verre églomisé).
This method has its seeds in the century folk art while Baldischwyler is transforming it into a contemporary aesthetic. His works quote art history as well
as the history of science and above all they have a lot relations to pop culture.
At WCW Gallery Baldischwyler presents a glass painting from his series together with an installation, which refers to several historic colour theories.
The installation will act as setting for photographs, in which he records the results of the installation after his work is done. These images will also be shown at the gallery.

Exhibition: Dec, 7th - Jan, 3rd